The 10 Most Popular Coding Challenge Websites 2020


1. TopCoder

Help TopCoder is one of the original platform for competitive programming online. It provides a list of algorithmic challenges from the past that you can complete on your own directly online using their code editior. Their popular Single Round Matches are offered a few times per month at a specific time where you complete against others to solve challenges the fastest with the best score.

The top ranked users on TopCoder are very good competitive programmers and regularly complete in programming competitions. The top ranked user maintins his own blog titled Algorithm weekly by Petr Mitrivhev where he writes about coding competitons, algorithms, math, and more.

There are various data science challenges also named as Marathon Match(MM) Data Science First to Finish, Data Science Sprint & Ideation and Data Visualization.The Competitive Programming domain of Topcoder community revolves around Single Round Matches (SRMs) offered on weekly basis at a specific time in which all participants compete against each other to solve the problems as fast as possible.Some of the major stats of the TopCoder Community are listed below:

1. There are 5 times more engineers than Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter combined!
2. Around 1,400+ Crowdsourcing challenges are completed per quarter.
3. The Community has around 1.5M members in over 190 countries.
4. Also, nearby 1,800 new members join per week.

2. Coderbte

Coderbyte provides 200+ challenges you can solve directly online in one of 10 programming languages(check out this example). The challenges range from easy(finding the largest world in a string) to hard (print the maximum cardinality matching of a graph).

They aso provides a collection of algorithm tutorials, introductory videos, and interview preparation courses. Unlike HackerRank and other similar websites, you are able to view the solutions othe users provide for any challenge aside from the official soluion posted by Corderbyte.

3. Project Euler

Project Euler Provides a large collection of challenges in the domain of computer science and mathematics. The challenges typically involves writing a small program to figure out the solution to a clever mathematical formula or equation, suck as finding th sum of digits of all numbers precending each number in a series.

you cannot directly code on the website in an editor, so you would need to write a solution on your own computer and then provide the solution on their website.

4. HackerRank

HackerRank provides challenges for several different domains such as Algorithms, Mathematics, SQL, Functional Programming, AI, and more. You can solve all the challenge directly online (check out this example).

They provdies a discussion and leadebroard for every challenge, and most challenges come with an editorial that explains more about the challenge and how to approach it to come up with a solution. Aside from the editorial, you cannot currently view the solution of other users on HackerRank.

HacekrRank also provides the ability for users to submit applications and apply to jobs by solving company-sponsored coding challenges.HackerRank offers you to solve these programming challenges in any of various programming languages such as C, Java, Python, Ruby, etc. Apart from this, participants can solve the problems in various computer science domains like algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

The type of contests hosted by HackerRank are listed below:
1. 101-Hack – A monthly algorithmic contest in which five challenges have to be solved within 2 hours.
2. HourRank – The shortest contest format in which 3-4 algorithm challenges need to be solved within 1 hour.
3. Week of Code – A weeklong algorithm contest where one new challenge is offered each day. Also, the challenges become more complicated as the day passes.
4.Ad Infinitum – A 48-hour contest of Mathematics conducted every three months.
5. Language/Domain Specific Contests – These are the contest based on various programming languages like C, Java, Python, etc.
6. Company Contests – The contests sponsored by specific companies that are looking to hire developers. The nature of this contest varies as per the requirements of the sponsoring companies.
7.World CodeSprint – It is a 24-hour contest having 7-8 challenges to be solved.

5. CodeChef

CodeChef is an Indian-based competitive programming website that provides hundereds of challenges. You are able to write code in their online editor and view a collections of challenges that are separated into diffrent categories depending on your skill level (check out this example). They have a large community of coders that contribute to the formus, write tutorials, and take part in codechef's coding competitions.

CodeChef conducts a programming competition at the start of every month and also conducts 2 smaller programming contests at the middle and end of the month. You can submit your solution in any of the programming languages as the contests accept solutions in over 55+ programming languages including C, C++, Java, and Python. You can receive points and move up through the CodeChef ranks which is really worthy. There are various coding competitions where you can show your programming skills such as – Monthly Programming Contests, Cook-off and Lunchtime Coding Contests.

Some of the major stats regarding CodeChef contests are listed below:
CodeChef has around 1,250,000+ programmers from 12,000 institutions.
There are approximately 3200+ programming contests with around 92 million+ submissions.
The contests have the prizes of around INR 20,000 for Indian Community and $700 for Global Community.

6. is a coding challenge website that offers 3100+ challenges spanning 52 different programming languages. After picking a language that you'd like to master, you tackle the coding challenges right on your machine (Exercism has their own command line interface that you can download from Github).

It is a bit different from other challeges websites, however, because you work with a mentor after completing each challenge. The mentor reviews your answers online and helps you improve them if needed. Once your answers have been approved and submmited, you unlock more challenges.

7. Codewars

CodeWars provides a large collection of coding challenges submitted and edited by their own community. You can solve the challenges directly online in their editor in one of several languages. You can view a discussion for each challenges as well as user solutions.

Codewars is a well-designed platform where users work together to create challenges. There are two groups of people making it work, the creators who authorize kata to teach various techniques, solve kata with solutions that enlighten others, and comment with constructive feedback, and the leaders will moderate the content and community.
Categories:Kata (coding practices), Kumite (1v1 challenges), Forum, Wiki. Codewar has a captivating interface with unique ways of presenting the challenges, naming them as Katas, where coders gain skills and challenge other coders in Kumite. It’s one of the best places to learn to code and to have fun at the same time.

8. LeetCode

LeetCide is a popular Online Judge that provides a list of 190+ challenges that can help you prepare for technical job interviews. You can solve the challenges directly online in one of 9 programming languages. You are not able to view other user's solutions, but you are provided statistics for your own solutions such as how fast your code ran when compared to users' code.

They also have a Mock Interview section that is specifically for job interview preparation, they host thier own coding contests, and they have a section for aricels to help you better understand certain problems.

LeetCode is the best platform to help you enhance your skills, expand your knowledge and prepare for technical interviews. It’s used by hundreds of thousands of programmers for their amazing collection of algorithm practices from Amazon, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc. There are over 1400 questions to practice.

LeetCode has an explore tool that helps programmers progress towards the next step in their programming career. LeetCode prepares them for technical interviews, and are involved in helping companies hire top talents as well.


Sphere Online judge (SPOJ) is an online judge that provides over 20k coding challenges. You are able to submit your code in an online edior. SPOJ also hosts thier own contests and has an area for users to discuss coding challenges. They do not currently provide any official solutions or editorials like some other websites do, through.

SPOJ is a simple website with tons of coding challenges. These challenges help you become a true programming master and gives you the skill to build efficient algorithms.SPOJ has tons of mind-boggling coding challenges that will really test your skills. There are contests as well for you to participate in to showcase your skills.

10. CodingGame

CodingGame is a bit different from the other websites, because instead of simply solving coding challenges in an editor , you actually take part in writing the code for games that you play directly online.

the game comes with a problem description, test cases, and an editor where you can write your code in one of 20+ programming languages.

Although this website is different than typical comptitive promgramming websites such as the mentioned above, it is still popular amongst programmers who enjoy solving challenges and taking part in contests.

CodinGame helps people learn coding in the form of games, allowing them to learn the fun way. Developers can also ask for help from mentors to review their codes and compare solutions with each other.

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